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“HIRPINI CANTORES”                                                                                                                                   

           The  choir “Hirpini Cantores”, once “Redemptoris Mater”, was founded in 1995 by the Conductor Carmine D’Ambola, also for the express will of the Benedictine Father Don Teodorico Marra and was appointed “Official choir of Sanctuary of Montevergine”(AV) which houses the sacred icon of the so called
“ Madonna di Montevergine”.
           The Master-choir D’Ambola has written a sweet “Ave Maria” in the honor of Madonna of Montevergine.
           The choir was constituted as Cultural Association in 1999 and consists of over 50 members, mostly amateurs, the President of which  is the Architect Salvatore Palmieri.
It is accompanied at the piano by Maestro Giovanna Petitto and is directed by the Master-choir Carmine D’Ambola who has the merit to have consolidated and improved the choir’s passion for the “high music”.
           The wide repertoire goes from Gregorian chants to the contemporary sacred music of Bishop Frisina; from the Renaissance and Baroque polyphony (Cross, Palestrina, Salieri, Vivaldi, Handel, Bach) to the Verdi’s operas choruses and the old Neapolitan and Irpinian folk songs.
One of the most important events of the Association is the concert” Mary and the Holy Spirit” which has been holding for 8 editions, every year, in the day of Pentecoste at the Sanctuary of Montevergine,  under the direction of the skillful Master-choir Carmine D’Ambola.
In 2011 the Conductor C. D’Ambola together with the Department of Culture of Avellino town, organized the first  festival of “ Polyphonic Choirs of Avellino town” at the social center “Samantha Della Porta” of Avellino. Last year this festival was held in the Cathedral of Avellino, on 15th December and now it has reached its second edition.
          “Hirpini Cantores" have been registered as Member of “ Regional Association of Campania Choirs" and, by this position, they participated to the “Salerno Festival” delivering a concert in the prestigious Cathedral of Amalfi and enlivening, as leading choir, the holy Mass in the Cathedral of Salerno.
Among the last performances of the choir we can remember: the concert of Mozart’s Requiem for Choruses, Organ and Orchestra, in collaboration with the Japanese choir “Sound Bridge” from Yokohama and under the direction of “Orchestra Sinfonica del Sannio” and “Orchestra Sinfonietta of Sorrento” , in the splendid frame of the Cathedral of Sorrento.

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